Event Description

Building modern application platforms is hard. Getting applications into ATO with any speed is hard. Combining the two - rapidly deploying apps into ATO on modern platforms - can feel overwhelming. But because it's rare doesn't mean it has to be impossible. It's been done and we want to tell you how you can do it as well. 

At this talk, we'll cover the things you need to address when increasing developer productivity (how to standardize on app creation, packaging, deployment), building a reliable application platform ("everything as code", alignment with open-source standards) and giving Security the confidence to trust your processes and technology (rapid CVE updates, regular repaving, automated scanning). We'll talk about the important parts, how they relate to each other, and how you can combine them to build a development operation where developers focus on code, and the platform takes care of the rest.

Guest Speaker

Alex Barbato | VMware

Early in his career Alex served inside the government as a member of the US Air Force where he first became familiar with the structures that large enterprises like the Federal Government operate within. Later he worked in the consulting arm of VMware, VMware Tanzu Labs, where he focused primarily on helping customers, like various members of the Department of Defense, achieve DevSecOps and compliance outcomes. Having worked on many of the various sides of modernization and evolving to keep up with the pace of change today, Alex now works to share how we can leverage technology and good people practices to enable the Federal government and enterprises alike.


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